New Year Continuance 2014

How’s this for a unique approach? Instead of guilt regarding failure or undue joy over achievement, how about continuing our goals into the new year?

I have found that any attainments, generally, come about as a result of sustained effort (even if at times lagging) over time. Hence, the realization today while taking a moment to pause and consider a practice put into place at least four years ago. The realization is that there is balance and a kind of equanimity available in the affirmation I use, a balance that helps me to CONTINUE to learn about not being too hard on perceived failures nor unbalanced regarding the joys that are to be had.

From this morning:

It’s New Year’s Eve 2013. About four years ago I developed for myself the mantra “Joy, Sharing, Abundance; Abundance, Sharing, Joy.” This is helping to manifest many auspicious things these days. I am fortunate to have come up with something that really resonates for me. It continues to push me to learn further and more and more into being an active, purposeful being.

It is my wish to continue this journey. I wish to honor the start that has been made and to continue learning all I can as I experience “Joy, Sharing Abundance; Abundance, Sharing, Joy.”

May I learn even better to share joy and abundance in 2014 without holding back.

Happy New Year everyone from Dan O’Brien,

Author of the Japan Series

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