Progress is Possible

This year as in any year on February fifth sales tax reports were due. We filed on February 2nd. Also on April fifteenth taxes are due. We filed on February 7th. This is no accident. I set a goal and achieved it. I put out to the universe that I’d be ready by February 7th, made an appointment with our accountant and met the goal. I never used to be able to do this. I have been building this skill oner the last five or more years. It takes time. I needed to forgive myself for the times when I did not follow through. Following through, thankfully, is becoming more the norm. May I continue to learn. May all beings benefit from positive endeavors as we all reach to achieve great things. In loving kindness and with a spirit of metta in my heart. Today, I am watching the Olympics with my inspiring partner, and we are inspired by the achievements we see. So the question is:

. Are the Olympics not the most inspiring human achievement? Tell me what you think, please.There is no way around it for me. I am blown away by performances.

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