Studio FUN

Dan O'Brien with fabric dyed using Bengala DyesWhat is Studio FUN?

After having been introduced to SAORI Free-Style Weaving during his time in Japan, in the summer of 2003, Dan decided to make an application to certify his competence in the art form. After several months of weaving loosely, tightly, managing warps, and sewing projects, things were turned in. The SAORI Leader’s Committee met to review Dan’s work along with his essay. After deliberating in the autumn, they gave the results to Dan’s wife and weaving partner, Chiaki. The below link will take you to their studio web page where more can be learned about this creative art began in Japan.


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Dan was walking in the long hall of the Hankyu Department Store when he got a call that sent a tear down his cheek. The results were in. The committee had decided to award him a certification making him a member of the SAORI Leader’s Committee.

Now in Minnesota, along with Chiaki, he established a weaving studio called Studio FUN in 2005 and teaches SAORI Weaving at Sheep and Wool festivals in several states. He is pleased to announce that Studio FUN now offers environmentally safe dyeing workshops using Bengala Dyes, which are fun for anyone, kids to adults.

Wearing a SAORI Vest

Wearing a SAORI Vest

For more about SAORI Weaving and Bengala dyeing as well as Chiaki’s amazing art career please click on image below:

Saori Studio FUN website