How does one get things done?

Have you considered how “organized” people get things done?
I have asked and observed them over the last eight months. What I found out is that they do things deliberately based on their priorities.
I look into my study. Oh my gosh. I see myself and it is a surprise. I am scurrying around; I stand up and then sit down to work, and then I stand up again only to find myself sitting back down to work at the computer. I have work to do for a favorite non-profit organization that of mine. I am not organized enough to start it….

I walk into the room and sit down in place of the “me” I had seen from outside the office.
I can do this. All it takes is a moment to gather my thoughts.
With so many emails, things to read and answer, it can be confusing even wondering where to begin.
I take a deep breath,
Consider my priorities,
and write out my list of most important things to achieve, realistically in the time I have-one hour.

I tackle one of my “big rocks”.
I go to bed settled since before I left the study, I wrote which items I needed to complete the next day.
There are more to do than this brief list held, but they will have to wait. They live in a to do list on my computer.

In loving kindness,

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