Collaboration: Authors Collective May 31, 2014

Why is collaboration such a big topic these days?
It’s simple really. It works.
That is what we do at the Authors Collective on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Chanhassen Public Library between 1:00 and 3:30PM.

Today, at the Authors Collective meeting at the Chanhassen Branch of the Carver County Library System, the Youtube channel, “Read My Thoughts” was presented by the creator or the channel. The creator is one of the Authors Collective members.

If you want to find out about local Minnesota Authors, please visit the channel on Youtube:
Read My Thoughts.

For upcoming Authors Collective Meetings, the schedule is as follows:
• June 28, 2014: Bring work to share, and give suggestions to each other. Look for updates regarding June in the next couple of weeks.
• July: No meeting because of River City Days. We are looking for someone to organize the Authors Collective and Writer’s Group booth at River City Days. Dan would do this, and will help, but cannot be there due to prior commitments.
• August 23, 2014: Doug Munson, developing dialogue in your work.


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  1. Read My Thoughts is such a cool channel. I can view the wonderful work being carried out by authors who are both local and my friends!

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