Putting Priorities in Order

Priorities, huh? A lot is made of this topic.

John Maxwell suggests putting your actions into your top two priorities first. This will reap benefits, since time will not be lost on items of less priority.

It seems to me that to set priorities and work in alignment with them as we work toward our goals is what is important. It’s not getting the goal that is fulfilling, it’s having priorities in place and working on things that give value to our lives and are in line with our priorities at the same time, that is satisfying.

Do you agree? Comments are welcome. As we share we learn and grow together.

Recently, I am working toward decluttering and also creating organization in my life. It is a process that takes time, though I am enjoying any and all of the small successes along the way.

My priorities are encouraging and supporting personal growth and connection among beings-starting with myself.

May all be well and happy.


Putting Priorities in Order — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for the comment Ardi. I hope to continue learning and share growth with others. Thank you for coming to the author readings at Excelsior Bay Books. As our community grows the sharing is almost palpable with so many capable people involved.

  2. I like your style, Dan. Short blogs I read. If I can’t see it on one screen I usually pass it by. We have a lot in common. Prioritizing. The challenge of order in my life. Sharing with others: encouraging and learning. Simplicity. Stillness.

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