How Cool is Local? Let’s See.


I was in St. Paul, MN this morning. To tell the truth, I love being in the “city.” In fact, had I planned it better, I would likely have gone around exploring, the usual inclination when opportunity arises, but today the energy was different…

As it was, I considered going for a coffee, a safe way to see a place, take a break and plan looking around a bit.

Recently, however, I have been on a local bent. “Support local authors” is the tag line I use when promoting our “author readings” at coffee shops, books stores and the like.

So, I decided to go to the local coffee shop in the town in which I live, quite a drive away from St. Paul.

Here, in the coffee shop, while enjoying unimposing music, seeing others interact in positive ways, others enjoying time to do things such as read or write something poetic, I partook in espresso, sipping slowly the velvety dark brew.

This coffee shop and another in a nearby local vicinity support authors, artists, and local community connections … something I wish to honor here.

Maybe the intent to support local is wholesome in some way. Why do I ask? Well, who knows, but someone picked up the tab for my coffee for me. Wondrous how things work out, isn’t it?

Supporting and encouraging personal growth and connection among beings!

Dan O’Brien,

Author, the Japan Book Series


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